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Carpaccio of Radish with Avocado and Grapefruit

May 11, 2011

I could easily call this a salad of radish, avocado and grapefruit but I’m feeling kind of fancy today. Carpaccio sounds exotic and sexy and all the things I, myself, am not. A girl can dream.

This dish is also symmetrical. I like symmetrical. People that know me know that I like everything in very precise order and symmetry, to me, is very pleasing. For examples…my closet is organized by color. My spice cabinet is (now) in complete working order with matching jars and labels to boot. Yesterday, on a whim, I reorganized my shoe collection by color, heel size and toe shape. I like Walnut’s collar and leash to match his fur.

In other words. I’m crazy.

But you’ve gotta give me points for trying. I mean, this dish is gorgeous. And delicious. And I’m eating it in concentric circles right now.

Like I said. Crazy.

Carpaccio of Radish with Avocado and Grapefruit

Serves one? Multiply this recipe to suits your tastes and/or guest count

  • 4 multicolor radishes
  • 1 large grapefruit, segmented
  • 1 small avocado
  • Splash of olive oil
  • Salt

There’s really no “recipe” to this dish so I thought I’d just give some pointers on creative assembly and service.

First, use a mandolin to slice the radishes to the perfect thinness. However, if you’re great with a chef’s knife, test your skills and have at it. Just make sure your knife is very sharp and you curl your fingers under to protect them while slicing. Here’s a great tutorial if you’re looking to learn more.

For the avocado, I like to use the tip of my knife to slice perfect wedges while still in the skin and then use a thin-edged spoon to pull all the meat from the skin. You’ll find this prevents the avocado from mushing under the pressure of your knife if you try to make slices without the skin on.

Lastly, drizzle lovingly with olive oil and a nice, big grain salt. Something with crunch like kosher salt is divine. You can get fancy with fleur de sel, etc. if you have that.

Also, this is a great dish for a seated dinner party – plate everything in advance (minus the avocado) and chill the whole plate. Then, just when you’re ready to serve, place the avocado around the top and drizzle with oil and sprinkle that salt. Your guests will think you labored for hours. Which you may have. But at least you had time to put on lipstick before you sat down and served it, right?

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