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Apple Strudel Muffins

May 6, 2011

Today is big. Huge! Ginormous! Today, our Apple Strudel Muffin Mix recipe is complete. Can I get a “hell ya”?!

It’s sweet. Totally sweet. I mean sweet that we have one recipe down, but the muffins are sweet. And a little crunchy. And really apple-y. I like them. You will like them too. So will millions (yeah millions, why not?) of other people once our products hit stores soon.

Yay. Big Yay.

So take a look. They look pretty tasty, right? And all you add is one diced large apple. Sounds like Everything But the Apples to me. You also add a tiny bit of oil and water. But you’ve got that at home, don’t you?

I want you to picture yourself like 3 months (crossing fingers) from now. You’re hungry and you’re at the grocery store. You really want some Apple Strudel Muffins, but the bakery is all out. You think about making them from scratch at home but then you picture the measuring and mixing and cleaning you’ll have to do if you have to pull out all those ingredients from your pantry. Too much hassle. You proceed to the baking mix aisle. Because, yes, your grocery store does have an entire aisle pretty much entirely devoted to baking and baking mixes. You had forgotten about this wonderful aisle.

You see a bright, colorful box on the shelf with a gorgeous photo of those Apple Strudel Muffins you’re pining for. You pick up the box. They’re organic! Wow! The mix is made with only whole, real ingredients. Yay! And all you have to add is one apple, some oil and water. Well, you already have that at home.

Fast forward 20 minutes. You’re at home with your new box of Everything But The Apples Apple Strudel Muffin Mix. You dice your apple, measure some oil and water and stir into the dry mix for, eh, maybe 2 minutes. You can handle 2 minutes, right? Of course you can! You spoon the mixture into your muffin pan. Because you do have one of those! You put them in your 350 degree oven (because you anticipated there may be some baking involved) and time it for 20 minutes.

Fast forward 5 minutes. Your kitchen smells amazing! It’s the best apple-cinnamon-sugar scent you’ve ever smelled! You peak in the oven…your muffins are browning nicely.

Fast forward 15 more minutes. Your muffins are done! They’re hot and sweet and the strudel crumble has a nice little crunch to it.

You are happy. You baked! You got what you wanted for a fraction of the cost at the bakery, it took only a few minutes, and the results are bakery quality.

I’m happy for you. I’m really happy for me. You bought my product. The one I labored over for months and months to make sure you were happy. I’ve succeeded. I’ve filled someone’s belly and made them happy.

Today is yay.

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