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Taste Testing

April 12, 2011

Today, our company Cherryvale Farms hosted our second round of taste testing of our introductory product line Everything But The…

We had Everything But The Bananas Banana Bread, Everything But The Apples Apple Cinnamon Muffins, Everything But The Pumpkin Pumpkin Bread and Everything But The Zucchini Cornbread muffins. And now I am full. And in a bit of a sugar coma. But it was good. Really good. We learned A LOT. We ate A LOT. We played with Lulu the tiny terrier and batted her tiny paws away as she tried to take part in the tasting.

Most importantly, we learned. We learned about flavor. And consumer preference. And how even the smallest of ingredient changes can make a big difference. We learned that dried fruit can be pretty darn tasty. And that baking soda tastes really metallic to some people. We learned that yellow can be more pleasing than orange and that everyone likes a fluffy muffin.

So we’re going to trudge on and continue refining our recipes. While we’re at it, we’re working to finish our packaging, get our website up and do all the million other things it takes to get a company off the ground. But we’re confident. And we believe in our products. And we have full, very happy bellies at this particular moment.

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  1. April 12, 2011 4:01 pm

    looks like you are well on your way–congrats!

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