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LA Food Swap

March 28, 2011

Many of you know I’ve been giddy as a school girl the last few weeks in anticipation of the first LA Food Swap. A bunch of savvy home cooks, bakers and food preservationists (I can call them that, right?) got together yesterday for a food swap of our personal kitchen creations. It was a fabulous little event that I was thrilled to participate in.

I swapped canning disasters and learned so much about how others cook, bake and preserve in their own homes. Top swapping items included marmalade (with all this citrus, why wouldn’t there be?), lemon curd, strawberry jam, scones, breads, more jams, salsa and even homemade tinctures. Don’t worry, I had to look up what a tincture was too….it’s an alcoholic extract of an herb or plant. In my case, I got horehound. I know you’re probably laughing. I did for a minute. But I think it actually helped my allergies this weekend. Anyway…

This was the first LA Food Swap, arranged by the lovely and talented Emily Ho, also known as Miss Chiffonade. She and her boyfriend made the most gorgeous beet pasta I’ve ever seen and packaged them in lovely custom labeled bags. Jealous.

I brought a combo of my canning portfolio, including Citrus Marmalade, Apple-Plum Sauce and some other canned delicacies you may remember from such posts as A Week of Pickles and  Onion Marmalade.

I left the swap with an amazing bounty of homemade items, some of which never even made it in the front door. I blame @resforthree for her deadly brown butter shortbread.

Also now in my pantry thanks to the swap: lemon curd (two kinds!), fresh rosemary, lemons, strawberry lemon rosemary jam, habanero marmalade, a tangerine limoncello, oatmeal brown sugar body scrub and garlic confit.

One of the lemon curd jars is already near empty a day later. My belly is very happy. Check out the gallery below to see photos from the swap and check out the Facebook page to sign up for the next one.


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  1. March 28, 2011 7:17 pm

    Lovely post and photos, Lindsey! Thank you so much for coming and I hope we can all do it again soon!


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