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Apple Pie

February 23, 2011

Apple Pie just makes me think of America. Oh, proud America! What’s more American than a pie? Maybe football. Or Walmart. Or M&Ms. Or, even better, Peanut M&Ms! Joy to us all!

Now, this pie isn’t 100% from scratch like I normally bake. There was a frozen pie crust in the freezer (a nice, organic flour, good quality butter style one, luckily) and several apples left over from Bread-A-Palooza that needed to be eaten. Thus we must eat pie!

Because my family is not the type to shirk a dessert course, it was really for the good of the family. Must keep spirits high when the entire kitchen is covered in flour and the oven is freaking out because its been on for too long!

My pie is topless (ooh!) because I only had one pie crust. You like that? I’m cutting corners like a pro!

I did get to pull out the amazing old school hand apple crank and play Farmer Lindsey for an evening. That was fun.  Watch this video and see a boring old lady do it. She’s much more informative than me plus I couldn’t balance a video camera while cranking an apple peeler.

So here’s my pie. Ain’t it pretty? The apples were crunchy, not soggy, and it had just the right amount of sugar, butter, cinnamon and lemon juice to spice them up.

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