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Pasta your grandmother would be proud of

February 18, 2011

Now, don’t let me mislead you. My grandmother never made pasta. She’s Spanish, not Italian. In fact, I think the closest she ever came to making pasta was boiling some elbow macaroni for a classic 1950’s style pasta salad. You know the kind with the bottled Wishbone Italian Dressing? The little bits of “bell pepper” oozing into a sauce so glossy it shined. Yeah, that one.

Even without a nonna to teach me the way, I’m actually not too bad of a pasta maker. Considering the last time I made it was around age 14. Yes, 14. I thoroughly remember rolling out the dough, running it through a hand crank pasta machine and draping linguine style noodles over every chair in the kitchen. And making a mess. I mean, flour everywhere!

Last night’s pasta session wasn’t too much of a departure. Flour everywhere. The only difference was no pasta machine this time – all by hand, baby. My arms hurt. Rolling pins are no longer my friend, but rather my mortal pasta enemy. Next time, I’m using a machine.

I used a classic egg + flour recipe, painstakingly mixed it by hand and rolled it into a nice, glossy little ball. Fridged it for 30 min then got to rolling.

I cut my pasta into pappardelle, those super wide, long noodles. Boiled them in super salty water and tossed with sauteed romanesco broccoli (the coolest vegetable in existence, my pictures below don’t lie it may as well be prehistoric), ground beef (kind of did a bolognese type deal), diced tomatoes and onions.

Topped the steaming bowl of pasta with some parmesan and mangia! Eat!

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