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Trip to the Farmer’s Market

February 4, 2011

I just realized I didn’t post my lovely photos from the Farmer’s Market this week. I love Southern California weather – how lucky to be able to go to the outdoor market in the beginning of February and find gorgeous fresh greens, piles of citrus and seemingly limitless root veggies.

And, I had a celebrity sighting! Well, foodie celebrity, that is. Mark Peel, chef/owner of The Tar Pit and Campanile (and of Top Chef Masters fame) was picking up some mushrooms and citrus next to me at the market. That is the like 100th time I’ve run into him in LA. I kid you not. First time was while he was walking from Campanile to The Tar Pit (both his restaurants reside on La Brea), next in line at Ralph’s, next at the Farmer’s Market on Larchmont, and then in Santa Monica. I swear, he’s stalking me. Or, I’m stalking him. Hmm…

For more on the fabulous Mark Peel, check out his StarChefs profile. Yes, this actually exists.

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