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Farmer’s Market

February 3, 2011

I am obsessed with farmer’s markets. I love knowing exactly where my food has come from, when it was picked; I even enjoying eying who may have picked it. Usually, I hit up the Sunday markets in Larchmont or Hollywood, but this week the Wednesday morning market was calling me to Santa Monica. And I scored!

Jerusalem Artichokes (aka sunchokes) are a thing of beauty and they only appear in the market once a year, if anyone is even selling them. Lucky for me, they were at the market yesterday and I pounced on them like the annual shoe sale at Nordstrom! I think I actually may have elbowed someone in the process. Serves them right for standing between me and my sunchokes!

Photo from

Sunchokes are incredibly easy to make, you can simply boil them in salted water like potatoes so they soften up, then pan-fry them in a little butter and herbs so they develop crisp edges. They don’t need much, their flavor is that incredible. Imagine an entire plate of artichoke hearts without all the work of peeling and dissecting the artichoke – that’s what these taste like. But with more crunch. And the exhilaration of knowing you were one of the few at the market to actually get your hands on these suckers. Happy dance.

I will be dazzling Daniel with a side dish of these glory bulbs tonight, alongside a delicious salad and perhaps a thin skirt steak, charred on the grill.

If you want to go wild, try a sunchoke soup, bake or gratin, from these recipes. And if you’ve never tried a sunchoke before, get your booty to the farmer’s market and pick some up. YUM.

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