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Movin’ on up!

May 13, 2011

We’re now blogging at! Yay!

This site will redirect you to only for the next few weeks so change your bookmark or “favorites” link (because we both know I’m your favorite) so you can continue to view the wonder that is this blog.

Thanks again for reading! And make sure to read often…and write comments…and try our recipes…and, soon, buy our baking mix line!

Carpaccio of Radish with Avocado and Grapefruit

May 11, 2011

I could easily call this a salad of radish, avocado and grapefruit but I’m feeling kind of fancy today. Carpaccio sounds exotic and sexy and all the things I, myself, am not. A girl can dream.

This dish is also symmetrical. I like symmetrical. People that know me know that I like everything in very precise order and symmetry, to me, is very pleasing. For examples…my closet is organized by color. My spice cabinet is (now) in complete working order with matching jars and labels to boot. Yesterday, on a whim, I reorganized my shoe collection by color, heel size and toe shape. I like Walnut’s collar and leash to match his fur.

In other words. I’m crazy.

But you’ve gotta give me points for trying. I mean, this dish is gorgeous. And delicious. And I’m eating it in concentric circles right now.

Like I said. Crazy.

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Warm Butternut Squash Salad with Chickpeas and Shallots

May 10, 2011

I think butternut squash is magical. I mean, it comes it bizarre shapes. It’s hard as a rock when raw, yet edible. It’s color is nothing short of sherbet. It kind of reminds me of unicorns.

But enough about that. Let’s roast the damn thing.

This is a perfect weeknight meal for me. The chickpeas provide the protein, the butternut squash makes it creamy and the tomato, spices and shallots make it spicy and rich. Plus you can do the butternut squash in advance and throw this whole dish together in like 15 minutes.

You can also have this as a side. Maybe serve it with a petit filet of unicorn. Stranger things have happened. Recipe after the jump.

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Bacon & Chive Croissant Strata

May 8, 2011

We had a bridal shower for my cousin this weekend. There was a lot of mayonnaise. Because, for some reason, bridal showers mean “salads”. As in chicken salad. Broccoli salad. And those salads are rich in mayo and many other splendid things. Needless to say, mimosas were served. And when everyone was gone we were tired. Time-for-a-nap tired. So we took naps. Then we decided to see Thor at the movie theater. (Don’t bother). End day.

Then we had Mother’s Day. Of course we had a lot of leftovers from the shower. So we had some carrot cake for breakfast. It was delicious. But that wasn’t enough for my lovely Mommy. I thought she deserved something special. Like a Bacon and Chive Croissant Strata made up of the croissant pieces leftover from the Croissant Sandwiches stuffed with said Chicken Salad. I mean, I couldn’t throw away perfectly good croissants.

So I whipped up some eggs. And cream. A little milk. Tossed in the diced croissant pieces, some crumbled bacon and chives. So, you know, light and healthy.

And I know I’m going to get more complaints: “why can’t you make something healthy?!” Well, it’s just not as much fun. However, I am eating steamed vegetables for the next week to make up for this delicious strata.

I’m bad. But I like it. So I’ll try to be good and make healthier things this week. I promise.

A strata can basically be summed up as a savory bread pudding. Same concept: bread-like product, egg + milk custard, yummy little mix-ins. You get it.

If you dare…after the jump for the recipe.

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Apple Strudel Muffins

May 6, 2011

Today is big. Huge! Ginormous! Today, our Apple Strudel Muffin Mix recipe is complete. Can I get a “hell ya”?!

It’s sweet. Totally sweet. I mean sweet that we have one recipe down, but the muffins are sweet. And a little crunchy. And really apple-y. I like them. You will like them too. So will millions (yeah millions, why not?) of other people once our products hit stores soon.

Yay. Big Yay.

So take a look. They look pretty tasty, right? And all you add is one diced large apple. Sounds like Everything But the Apples to me. You also add a tiny bit of oil and water. But you’ve got that at home, don’t you?

I want you to picture yourself like 3 months (crossing fingers) from now. You’re hungry and you’re at the grocery store. You really want some Apple Strudel Muffins, but the bakery is all out. You think about making them from scratch at home but then you picture the measuring and mixing and cleaning you’ll have to do if you have to pull out all those ingredients from your pantry. Too much hassle. You proceed to the baking mix aisle. Because, yes, your grocery store does have an entire aisle pretty much entirely devoted to baking and baking mixes. You had forgotten about this wonderful aisle.

You see a bright, colorful box on the shelf with a gorgeous photo of those Apple Strudel Muffins you’re pining for. You pick up the box. They’re organic! Wow! The mix is made with only whole, real ingredients. Yay! And all you have to add is one apple, some oil and water. Well, you already have that at home.

Fast forward 20 minutes. You’re at home with your new box of Everything But The Apples Apple Strudel Muffin Mix. You dice your apple, measure some oil and water and stir into the dry mix for, eh, maybe 2 minutes. You can handle 2 minutes, right? Of course you can! You spoon the mixture into your muffin pan. Because you do have one of those! You put them in your 350 degree oven (because you anticipated there may be some baking involved) and time it for 20 minutes.

Fast forward 5 minutes. Your kitchen smells amazing! It’s the best apple-cinnamon-sugar scent you’ve ever smelled! You peak in the oven…your muffins are browning nicely.

Fast forward 15 more minutes. Your muffins are done! They’re hot and sweet and the strudel crumble has a nice little crunch to it.

You are happy. You baked! You got what you wanted for a fraction of the cost at the bakery, it took only a few minutes, and the results are bakery quality.

I’m happy for you. I’m really happy for me. You bought my product. The one I labored over for months and months to make sure you were happy. I’ve succeeded. I’ve filled someone’s belly and made them happy.

Today is yay.

The Garden

May 4, 2011

I’m very lucky. Not just like lucky at the slots, but life lucky. I’ve had the good fortune to live in California pretty much my whole life, and I got to grow up near the beach. I wasn’t a beach baby, per se, but summers were spent in or near the water and ocean view dining was de rigeur. I’m lucky. Maybe you call it blessed.

I’m also lucky to have grown up about a mile from the sea, on a small “farm” we like to call Cherryvale Farms…hence the business name. For as long as I can remember, my parents had a profusely abundant garden, overflowing with zucchini in the summer and pumpkins in the fall. We even had chickens for several years when I was a tweenager. There was no Justin Bieber then, I suppose, so my sister and I obsessed over our hens. They had fabulous names too: Henrietta, Helen, The Hen-manator…we were clever, clever children.

This week I’m up in Santa Cruz working on said business (much progress to be reported later!) and I couldn’t help but stop and admire the spring garden outside my window. Lettuce is coming in, strawberries are turning rosy red and beans and onions are growing tall and lean.

Being distracted by said garden also prevented me from doing any cooking today, mind putting some goat cheese on a plate with crackers for friends. So, I invite you to view the garden, in all it’s glory. And look back on what your childhood looked like fondly.

Oh, and of course I had to throw in a photo of The Naked Walnut for good measure.

Lemon Crepes

May 3, 2011

You know when you get really excited about a recipe? Like you just can’t wait to make it. Your mouth is watering. The excitement is overwhelming. You. Must. Make. This. Recipe. Now.

I know that feeling. I had that feeling last night. I had to make Lemon Crepes. It was imperative for my well being. So I did. I made fluffy, lighter-than-air crepes with a hint of lemon and yogurt filling. They were delightful. They were so wonderful I decided to whip up a big batch of the filling last night so I could make them again today to post on the blog.

Today, I got the buzz all over again to make these crepes again so I started making my batter and opened the fridge to get the egg and milk. And the entire bowl of filling (in a glass bowl, mind you) fell to the floor in a giant crash of glass, yogurt and lemon zest. Lovely.

And so we begin again. Lock the dog in another room (because you know he’d lap up that spilled yogurt in a hot minute) clean up the mess and start over.

So now I bring you Lemon Crepes Part Deux. And they are are still equally light and fluffy and have a wonderful bright lemon flavor. And they are PERFECT for this upcoming Mother’s Day Brunch. Because you and I both know you haven’t planned anything. Maybe you bought the flowers online already, or a box of chocolates because they happened to be at the checkout register. But you haven’t really planned much. So here’s your chance to up the ante. And make Mom feel special. Just don’t drop the entire bowl of filling on the floor. That will make Mom sad. And nobody wants that.

Recipe after the jump…

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